The focus of this blog is to provide information on maintaining a healthy body for life with physical performance at the centre. An active life and healthy lifestyle habits leads to improved emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health, and the goal is to inspire and provide information to help get people moving towards self-improvement.

Who am I?

My name is Fereshteh Dinaz Bulsara. I am a competitive athlete in Olympic weightlifting and a registered massage therapist studying Osteopathy. I earn a living by coaching private and group fitness classes and freelance writing about my passions: fitness, health, sport, nutrition, weightlifting, CrossFit, injury prevention, pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and the latest research on all these topics!

I have written for dozens of great websites since 2009. Find out about my online training programs designed to get fit for life, lean out and strengthen up.



The Full Bio…


Raised in a middle-class family and one of four children, free-play with the neighbourhood kids was a typical childhood in the 90s in Ottawa, Ontario.

My competitive nature drove me into the arena of sports and athletics. When it came to doing anything physical, I was determined to win. Having older brothers, there was always a good reason to push a little harder to prove myself!

I decided to study Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa to explore health, biomechanics, anatomy and physiology. Entering in 2004 and qualifying for the badminton team, the first couple of years were great! In 2007 I was in an unfortunate car accident that led me to quit the team. It was a classic Car VS Girl on skateboard (yours truly) and the car had won.

Following during and following recovery, after spending much time in the physiotherapy clinic, I discovered the beautiful sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Taking up Weightlifting changed the course of my life. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics (honours), in 2009, my partner and I packed up and moved to beautiful Montreal, where I began training seriously.

Within a year, I was hit with another blow, which again would change the course of my career. I suffered a serious and career-ending injury while snowboarding, shattering my clavicle. The bone had to be surgically repaired with an internal fixation consisting of a pin and 6 screws. Recovering and returning to weightlifting was made possible by great doctors in the Mcgill university health network, and my Osteopath. Bi-weekly visits to treat my body as an entire functioning unit addressed all of the traumas that had left a mark on my body. Chronic neck, back, and wrist pain were reduced to a mere memory.

I came back to compete the following year, and have since attended 5 Canadian Championships in the 53kg and 58kg weight-class, with a best finishing result of 20th place, overall, representing Concordia International Weightlifting Club.

Working as a coach for individuals and groups has been the best way to support my belief that everyone should support health by being physically active. To add to this, inspired by my own physical recovery through therapy, I became a Registered Massage Therapist in 2017.

In September 2016, I began studying Osteopathy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. My therapy takes an osteopathic approach to evaluation and treatment by examining the body as an interconnected unit.