The focus of this blog is on training to maintain a healthy body for life, with physical performance at the center. We believe in living life with the best health possible to allow the best quality of life for as long as possible!

Who am I?

I am a competitive athlete in Olympic weightlifting and a student in Osteopathy. I earn a living by coaching private and group fitness classes and freelance writing about my passions: fitness, health, sport, nutrition, weightlifting, CrossFit, injury prevention, pain relief, injury rehabilitation, and the latest research on all these topics!

I offer freelance writing services to other blogs and pages and have written for dozens of great websites since 2009. Find out about my online training programs designed to get fit for life, lean out and strengthen up.



The Full Bio…


A fitness trainer and lifting coach, a clown and a serious athlete. Some call her Fereshteh, others call her Dinaz… It all began when she was about 5 years old. Coming from a big family of 4 children, scrapping, racing, bicycling and playing basketball with the neighbourhood kids around the block was a part of an everyday awesome childhood in the 90s in Ottawa, Canada.

Her competitive nature drove her to strive and do anything to win, particularly at sports. When it came to doing anything physical, she was always competing with her brothers and all boy cousins to prove that she was just as capable, strong, and could keep up… even when she couldn’t! Sure, it got her in trouble a few times… just check out all her gnarly scars from accidents along the way! Regardless, that competitive outlet stayed strong.

While studying Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa she was hit by a car while skateboarding and was forced to quit the U of O Badminton team (yes, she played, and says it was a very intense sport…). Following her recovery, she discovered the beautiful sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Back then, there were no CrossFits and it wasn’t a household name. Lifting wasn’t quite popular for women just yet…

But taking up Weightlifting changed the course of her life… she packed up and moved to beautiful Montreal and began training seriously. Within her first year she suffered a serious and career ending injury when she shattered her clavicle and had to have it surgically repaired. But did that stop her? Oh no, it did not! She came back and has since competed on the national stage for the last 5 years and consistently finishes in the top 20 in Canada.

She supported her habit of competing along the way by working in various commercial gyms as a trainer. After a few years she was recruited to 2 local CrossFit gyms to permanently coach weightlifting for the members and the coaches themselves.

So what’s next? She continues to offer her expert advice as an online trainer and shares information through various blogs and videos. In September 2016, she began studying Osteopathy at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. This is a great journey inspired by her own years of therapy and something she wants to carry forward.