This is my first blog post!

No, this is actually my first… can you believe that after freelancing for nearly 8 years on other peoples health and fitness sites I am finally starting posting to my own space under my own name?

Let’s talk about other firsts in my life. The first time I walked my mom says I was 11 months old. I don’t actually remember that all that clearly. I had 2 older brothers to chase after so it makes sense. I guess this is where all that physical activity started. I went on to run in the top 10 of the sprinter distances in the city of Ottawa in grade school. Get your kids up and moving early, folks!

The first time I held a badminton racquet I was 6. We were in Malaysia at a country club. I am pretty sure I broke it in a short period of time due to the frustration of not being as coordinated as my brothers. I went on to play varsity badminton, and to be made fun of by a lot of my friends who chose hockey and rugby… I tell them it was intense in its own right! It actually is a very explosive sport, and that set me up for weightlifting.

The first time I moved a barbell I was in University. I learned to clean, snatch and squat all in one period. The TA who taught us told me to try this strange sport he called “olympic weightlifting” with a resident strength coach at the school because he noticed I was flexible. She (the strength coach) turned out to be an incredible coach and have a great impact on my life. Within 2 years of training in a brand new sport as an adult, I won top 3 places in the province.

Why was I flexible? and Why was I strong at a whopping 114lbs and 5’5″? A combination of good genes and maintaining an active lifestyle up to that point. I’ve never stopped moving except when injuries force me to. During my athletic career, all my injuries were caused by accidents. Car accidents, high speed bicycle or snowboarding accidents. These things happen to everyone and I know I am not special. But being active throughout my life has made all the new things I take up in my life so much easier, not to mention recovering from injury!

Sure, we don’t all have the best genes to perform at the highest level in athletics, but we sure as hell should be making physical movement a part of our lifestyles if we want to live better for longer. This is the purpose of my blog. I intend on taking every opportunity to remind you why and how you can live better now to ensure you continue to live well in the future!


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