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6 Unique Benefits of Massage Therapy!

There is more to massage therapy than feeling relaxed and reducing muscle tension. The circulatory system, immune system, endocrine system and mental health all benefit from myofascial treatment through massage therapy. 1. It affects endocrine system and hormones The endocrine system controls hormones, which deal with every body function you can imagine from sex drive … Continue reading 6 Unique Benefits of Massage Therapy!

The Ultimate Guide to Double Unders

This simple double unders guide will help you work through the little technical glitches that mess up your double unders! Double unders can be one of the most frustrating workouts to use, but they are incredibly efficient when it comes to aerobic conditioning and stamina. Let’s be honest, using a skipping rope was only ever … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Double Unders

The Ultimate Guide to Deadlifts

Deadlifts are a great lower body and back strengthening exercise. Here is why it works, how to do it safely, and what to expect by deadlifting regularly. HOW IT WORKS Deadlifts are a compound exercise primarily working the legs and lower back. The exercise is popular because it is one of the big three lifts … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Deadlifts

The Ultimate Guide to Pull-Ups

This ultimate exercise of upper body strength is one of the re-emerging most popular functional exercises. Here is how you can improve your pull up, how to correctly perform a pull-up and how to progress towards being able to perform a pull-up! WHAT IT IS Synonymous with chin-ups, this great exercise is a functional compound … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Pull-Ups

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